Recent Newspaper Articles: A formal response.

Recent Newspaper Articles: A Formal Response.

We feel that recent articles in the newspapers need to be addressed to reassure our customers and anyone wishing to attend Club Sx in future.

Club Sx operates a guest list policy to reduce the risk of any reporters or random attendees with dubious intent trying to gain entry to the club. We always have and will continue to run the door in this way and reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone we feel is not genuine or not in a fit state to enjoy the club responsibly.

The photograph of the club used in one of the newspaper articles has been taken directly from our website, without our express consent, given all our photography is watermarked and this is visible on the article.

No reporters have ever attended our club in order to do any research or would ever be invited to do so. Our policy is to refuse any such requests from the media, which we have done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

Nobody involved with the club, owners or staff, have had anything to do with the article and it would appear this has been either passed to the newspaper by a third party, whatever their reasons, or has been picked up by a reporter themselves looking for a titillating story on a slow news day. This article is just the latest in a long history of newspapers finding things to mildly scandalize their customers and helps them sell papers, which is their only real goal. There are a number of clubs which have had stories of this nature written about them in the past and are still operating successfully without any ill effects.

We will continue to host the same fabulous and fun party nights that we always have done and are always happy to welcome our customers, existing and new, to those events.

Club Sx

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