Rules & Etiquette



*  NO drugs  we operate a strict  Zero Tolerance on drugs – anyone found to be ignoring this rule will be removed immediately.

* Do not hassle or disrespect female members. NO MEANS NO

* Be respectful to your fellow members.

* Please leave the club quietly, respect the neighbours.

* No cameras or mobile phones to take photographs, respect members privacy.

* No stiletto heels on the beds.

* Please clean the room after use.

* New guests that have never been before if you wish to have a tour of the club please get there early before 10.30 as w cannot guarantee a tour after as play may have started upstairs

* Upstairs, The Dungeon, Wet room and Dark room are dress down areas. The lounge area is a neutral area so NO-ONE is force too.

* We will not be held responsible for any loss or injuries caused by yourself or others, whether it is an accident or forced upon yourself whilst on the premises.

* The management reserve the right to refuse entry at all times.

* For all our events and particularly ‘ Sx Cult ‘ we abide by RACK ( Risk Aware Consensual Kink ) &  SSC (Safe Sane and Consensual) and take no responsibility for any loss or injury caused by yourself or others.

Club Etiquette 

Questions about Club Sx Rules & Etiquette

We know that you must have lots of questions about  Club Sx, so we have done our best to try and answer some of them for you right here.

Why is Club Sx cheaper than other’ venues?

FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR ALL – As someone who enjoys a mixed sauna myself, it is felt by me that people like me, especially single males, are seen as the ‘cash cow’.  Club Sx aims are, that everyone is an equal and therefore is not going to penalize single guys for their status with large membership fees. We do not charge a membership fees at Club Sx EVER!

Do you have a Bar licence ?

NO! We are a Bring your own Club.Please bring your own Alcoholic drinks and we will serve them back to you, Please purchase all soft drinks from the bar. No Soft drinks are allowed to be taken in by guests.

Why are condoms free?

Club Sx believe in playing safe.  (your choice) We no longer supply lubricant. We have a limited supply and a basic supply of condoms and if you require specific type of condom you will have to bring your own.

Just how busy does Club Sx get?

Well, we are doing well and new members are joining all the time but we cannot say how busy we will be from one night to the next, so please don’t phone and see if tonight is really busy or not because we just don’t know.  Why not just come along anyway? The more the merrier!

I am keen on joining. What do you need from me?

It’s really easy, just fill in the simple Membership form if you want to become a member.

I have never been to a  club and I really don’t know what to expect. Any advice?

First of all, relax. You are with like minded people who are here to have a good time. We always take the time to show new members around and answer any questions you may have.  It is always a good idea to mix with the other members here as this will help you settle in and make new friends. You may feel right at home and be ready to party straight away. It’s up to you.

Will I be pressured into joining in immediately or can I take things at my own pace?

Don’t worry, you are under no pressure at all to do anything. You may want to just spend time talking to other people and that is perfectly fine. If you don’t want to do anything, or you feel uncomfortable, just say ‘no thanks’.

I see that there are no sheets on some of the bed not all. Why is this?

Keeping the sheets clean is difficult, as you can imagine. PVC is much easier to cope with. This makes for a cleaner, germ free environment which we think is much better. If you don’t like the feel of the PVC against your skin, we suggest you lie on the towel that you are given. Certain rooms now have cotton sheeting on the beds for extra comfort.

I have never been to SX before what shall I bring and when is the best time to come?

For anyone who has never been to SX or any club before we ask to get there early when the club opens if possible. The reason for this to give you a tour of the building before 10.30pm. We do tour’s after that time but you may not be-able to access all areas during the tour due to rooms being in use. We have a tour guide who will show you around and answer any questions.

No ID needed unless you look under 21 years of age. Please bring yourself any extra items of clothing, towels, condoms,lub and anything else you think you may need yourself on the night. Please do not bring in any soft drinks as we do suppy them at the bar. Make sure whatever you bring will fit in one of our lockers.

What is the age range of people attending Club Sx?

It varies and could be anything from 21 up to 70s and more.

What can and can’t I do if I’m a single bloke at the club?

You will soon get to grips with how things work here but please don’t assume that you can simply join in with other couples or females unless asked first. If you are interested then why not ask nicely but don’t take it to heart if you don’t always get the answer you want. Please respect their wishes.

Do you have somewhere I can leave my things whilst I am in the club?

Of course. You will have your own locker where you can put your clothing and any valuables but please note that these are left at your own risk. Club Sx cannot take responsibility should any of your belongings are lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced.

I am a smoker, is there somewhere I can light up?

Because of the law we cannot allow smoking or vaping in the building but there is an area outside for those who wish to smoke. Do not smoke in the area with the astro turn is outside. If you do so you will be ask to move to the designated smoking area. Please cover up while outside.

What is your policy on the use of drugs?

Absolutely NO drugs permitted. We have a ZERO tolerance approach to the use of any drugs in Club Sx.

Can I get a hot/cold drink or a snack?

Yes, you can purchase drinks and snacks from our Bar. You are not allowed to bring in any soft drinks from outside the club.

Can I leave and return later if it’s an all day event at the club?

Yes, that’s fine.  Just leave your locker key with us and pick it up on your return. You will be given a pass to regain entry. Remember if you want to come back in the evening we will make your daytime visit FREE by deducting your daytime entry from your evening entry price !! Lots of people just pay the evening entry fee so they can come in the daytime FREE.

Should I be worried about CCTV and people taking photos?

No need to worry, there is no CCTV in the club rooms EVER (only where CCTV is required by licencing law) and the use of cameras or similar recording equipment like phones is not allowed to be used in the club areas, please leave your phones in your lockers.

What if I see someone I know?

We cannot pretend this does not happen, from time to time it does, BUT, there is an unwritten rule in  clubs (and elsewhere) that says “Whatever happens in the club, stays in the club” and remember everyone is here because they have a common interest (and it’s not stamp collecting…).

Do you take credit/debit cards?

No, cash only, most of our customers wish to be discreet, which is why all our members like to pay cash.

Why is there a last entry time?

To avoid late night pub revellers disturbing/upsetting the party. Please leave quiety and on time if possible.

We hope we have covered everything but if you still have questions, get in touch and we will try to answer them for you.

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